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Below is a selection of sites we use regularly, organisations we respect for their work in education, and resources that teachers and school management need. None of these links are paid - they are all stuff we find useful.

Science in Africa is an on-line science magazine for Africa

The National Science and Technology Forum focus on the teaching of science and technology in schools

Sci-Bono in Johannesburg is an amazing standing exhibition of maths, science and technology, which also takes travelling exhibitions all over South Africa! If you haven't been - take the whole school! All ages - preschool to senior High School

The Cape Town Science Centre - a smaller version of Sci-Bono, in Cape Town

Currently the best education think tank in SA - the Centre for Education Policy Development

RADMASTE, the Maths, Science and Technology think-tank at Wits; courses, texts and more

The Times Educational Supplement (TES) is an amazing teacher resource

The Council of International Schools is a great resource for those who would like to travel and teach

The US National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) is unbeatable for management resources. I have used their "code of good practise" over and over again - they have different codes for Principals, Teachers, Board Members and so it goes on. Also wonderful on marketing. A treasure trove for school managers.

The South African Education Policy Act of 1996

The South African Schools Act of 1996

The Employment of Educators Act of 1998

The South African Council for Educators Act of 1998

The South African Council of Educators (where you get the SACE forms)

The School Calendar for 2014

The Proposed 2015 calendar for Four Term Schools

UNICEF School Statistics for South Africa go up to 2010; the Dept of Basic Education is still working on 2009.

And a site that gives South Africa a ranking for the amount spent on schooling and the percentages of children out of school -

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